Will Mac Halo include Internet multiplayer capability?

A: Yes. Mac Halo will include multiplayer, will include the new maps, weapons and vehicles supported by PC Halo in multiplayer mode, such as the Fuel Rod Gun, the Flamethrower, the Rocket Warthog, the Banshee and the Shade. Mac and PC Halo will be interoperable and support Internet play via GameSpy. It is expected that post-release patches and bug fixes to the PC version will be synced with the Macintosh version, but it is not known for how long. It is expected that multiplayer interoperability will remain a priority when dealing with post-release fixes and patches.

PC Halo has six new multiplayer maps. The Mac version will have them as well. Many draw on the original game's solo maps for inspiration. They are:

  • Death Island
  • Timberland
  • Ice Fields
  • Danger Canyon
  • Gephyrophobia
  • Infinity

Neither PC nor Mac Halo will have multiplayer interoperability with Xbox Halo as played over a gateway such as XBConnect or Aquaduct.

As with Xbox and PC Halo, there is a hard-wired 16 player limit.

Multiplayer games of Halo on the PC support more customization than the Xbox version in terms of weapons, vehicles, and other play options. It is expected that the Mac version will as well.