Truth and Reconciliation Suite 2

This the Truth and Reconciliation Suite version that Poop Scoop did. I changed the channels, pan, volume, and instruments. I was getting a MIDI error when I played it through SongWriter 2007. The problem was that all of the instruments were under the same instrument name channel and General MIDI (GM). This causes the sound to be glitchy and sound unrealistic. Also, by changing the pan, you can edit where the instrument's sound source comes from. In other words, if you listen through a set of headphones, you can hear different instruments from various directions. I changed little of the notes except for transposing the bass instruments one octave higher. Thanks to Poop Scoop for transcribing this awesome piece and Martin O'Donnell for writing it! Drop me a line for requests, messages, or advice. I am currently working on "To Kill A Demon", "Wake Me When You Need Me", and possibly "Legend". Thanks again.

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Re: Truth and Reconciliation Suite 2

What's .rar?

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Re: Truth and Reconciliation Suite 2

You need WinRar to open it. Its some type of Compressed file, but I'm not exactly sure what file is inside it.

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