Unforgotten - time sig fixed (piano)

Based on Chris Chang's arrangement, but with the correct time signature. I can't seem to export to Adobe from Sibelius; if anyone knows how please do contact me.
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Joined: 04/28/2008
Re: Unforgotten - time sig fixed (piano)

I might add the MIDI file at some point.

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Re: Unforgotten - time sig fixed (piano)

please do i find it much easyer to learn that way Smiling

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Re: Unforgotten - time sig fixed (piano)

It sounds good, but as I was listening to it, I think that it is in 3/2 instead of 6/4. 3/2 gives more of a majestic, ethereal feel to music than 6/4 usually does. And the 3/4 part sounds like 3/4, but listen to the accents, because it may be in 6/8. The bass octave growth gives it a more 6/8 feeling than 3/4. But either way it sounds good.

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