Tip of the Spear (for Piano)

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This is my transcription of the first track of the Tip of the Spear Suite from the Halo: Reach Soundtrack.

This transcription is pretty difficult, and there are some parts which are especially tricky to perform (please see below). Once again, pedaling, articulation and dynamics are mostly left to the pianist's discretion. The sheet music is mostly a guideline.

Also, this is not a direct transcription, I have added several notes to certain parts of the pieces to make it sound a little better (and of course I might have gotten some notes wrong).

If there is any need to, I will be editing this piece in the future.

In any case, share and enjoy!

Difficulty: Quite Hard (with some very hard bits)

Attachment includes:

- Sheet music (.pdf)
- Midi sequence (.midi)
- Finale Notation file (.mus and .bak)

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- A nicer sounding version (because I used a plug-in for Finale) is available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WTRowWb-J0
- At about 2:40 or so it suddenly gets a lot louder (so please don't get a heart attack or something : - My notation isn't the best, e.g. bars 130 to 133 and bars 58-65. Sorry ):
- The transition at bar 137-138 is kind of abrupt, but that's how it is (I think).
- The mordent in the right hand in bar 73 (which is written out in full) requires you to be able to cover one octave with the thumb and middle finger of your right hand, and even if you can it is still kind of tricky to do at the speed the piece is played at, so ignore it if you wish.
- The jumps in the left hand at bars 157 and 161 are rather crazy, you could try, I guess, otherwise think the best fix would be to play the left hand of this section in a similar way to bars 82-93.
- The jumps in the left hand in the bars 98 to 101 and 170 to 177 are a little tricky, easier than those above, but still kind of tricky nonetheless.



I can't hear the music, just pure -blam!- epicness! Nice work.

Awesome! Thanks!

BTW This song is called "Unreconciled" .

This is amazing! How did you know that I wanted this as piano sheetmusic this morning?
Amazing transcription! Good work!

Thanks! I can read minds :D

Awesome arrangement, I'll get started on learning it very soon. Thanks heaps. Also, I'm loving bar 60! ;D ;D ;D

Very nice transcription! Awesome

Can't download for some reason