On and Off

I know that they say, when your Xbox 360 lights the "ring of death" you're toast.

So I did not use it anymore for like a month. I did not even bother to get it fixed because I was stumped with final research paper and other school work. It must be the spirits telling me that I need to write my essay and stop playing or I'll definitely fail.

There I was gaining an all-time record for my life, a month without video games. I managed to crawl my grades out of failure and passed every paper writing, final projects, even went through music class with out skipping.

So when my academically challenged life was over, I was left with nothing to do. I then decided to get my Xbox fixed. When they tested it, turns out that nothing was wrong after all. Damn, the spirits had me. Lol!

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Re: On and Off

I only wish that were the case for me.

My launch console died and I replaced it. I even bought an Arcade as a backup.

Now the replacement has the E74 error. Every couple of weeks I give it a whirl to see if it's recovered on its own, but no go.

Hope the Arcade holds up until I can get the other one in for repair.

Rampant for over se7en years.

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Re: On and Off
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