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Reach Epilogue - Spartans Never Die

Here is my arrangement of the song "Epilogue" from the Halo Reach Official Sound Track. I have only the transcribed the beginning part, which is called "Spartans Never Die", because it is the only part that is actually played on the piano. No I will not be attempting to finish the rest of it. If there is another transcriber out there who would be willing to do so feel free to use this as your starting point. This song is my personal arrangement and was not intended to be note for note so please don't leave comment on mistakes that you have found. I assure you that there aren't any because it is written the way I wanted to play it. This song is really easy to play and shouldn't take you any more than a few minutes to learn. Enjoy the sheet music!

Folder contents:
Halo Reach - Epilogue Spartans Never Die.mid
Halo Reach - Epilogue Spartans Never Die.mus (Finale Printmusic 2008)
Halo Reach - Epilogue Spartans Never Die.pdf

UPDATE 5/4/11: Revised sheet music and replaced old files.



It's called "Spartans Never Die".

[quote=theawesome1]It's called "Spartans Never Die".[/quote]
Where did you hear this? It is clearly titled Epilogue in the soundtrack. Please give a source.

Full tracklisting from the CD cover:

1. From the Beginning :14
2. Swift, Strong, Brave 1:47
3. Immemorial 1:17
4. Remember Reach :31
5. The Fall :56

1. The Battle Begins 3:10
2. Lone Wolf 2:23
3. Distress 1:38
4. Blood on the Ground :53
5. Noble Mission 1:15
6. Bait and Switch 1:19
7. Free Fire Zone :38
8. Discontent :51

1. Sword Control 1:56
2. Incommunicado 1:04
3. Inbound Imminent 1:44
4. Aim to Please 2:28
5. Latchkey 2:33

1. Recon 1:05
2. Searchlights :57
3. Personnel Issues :55
4. Keeping What I Steal 1:01
5. Howling Dark :45
6. At Dawn :56

1. Unreconciled 3:05
2. Any Means Necessary :50
3. Eyes on the Prize 1:11
4. Breaking Point :56

1. Kat's Plan 1:44
2. Displacement 1:20
3. Broken Bonds 1:03
4. Uppercut 1:09
5. My Heart Breaks 1:22
6. The Ardent Prayer :40
7. Belly of the Beast 1:36
8. Discourage the Curious :40
9. Make it Count 1:49

1. Before the Fire 1:29
2. The Sky's No Limit 1:04
3. The Other Side :42
4. City Under Siege 2:28
5. Few More Days 1:00
6. Apology :32

1. Wing and a Prayer 1:38
2. Fall from Grace 1:03
3. Triage :41
4. War Machine 1:34
5. Whirling Dervish :58
6. Crown Jewel 1:14
7. Reflection 1:31

1. Return :57
2. Simple Things :59
3. Torch and Burn 1:03
4. Decent :33
5. Time to Dance 1:47
6. Say the Words 1:35

1. Once More Unto the Breach :58
2. Through the Rock :34
3. Shipbreaker 1:47
4. Meltdown 1:39
5. Move Mountains 1:14
6. Noble Six :59
7. Special Delivery 1:39
8. On the Gun :48

1. Spartans Never Die :56
2. Omega 1:12
3. Hymn for Reach 2:19

Bonus Tracks:
1. From the Vault
2. Ashes
3. Fortress
4. We're Not Going Anywhere
5. At Any Cost
6. Uphill, Both Ways (Remix)
7. Walking Away
8. Ghosts and Glass
9. We Remember

Just because a track is titled "Epilogue" does it not mean that the songs within the track are too.

From what you are showing me the title of the song is still Epilogue but in this case it has been separated into smaller parts and individually named. The name of the full song is still Epilogue and if you were to search fo it elsewhere it will still come up as Epilogue. Even the Halo Reach wiki shows the song titled as Epilogue.


Once more the community also seems to recognize this song as a whole by its title Epilogue and not its sectioned parts and therefore I will leave it as such for the community to be able to search for it on much more significant terms. I will admit that the particular part of the song that I have transcribed and posted falls under the Spartans Never Die title of the song and if you want I will include it in the blog, but as I stated before I will leave the main title as Epilogue.

Hey, I'm just saying. However, I think it's best to change the blog title to "Epilogue - Spartans Never Die" to avoid confusion with Halo 2's Epilogue, which I transcribed.

Well I don't think anyone would get confused because Halo Reach OST is also in the title but there is no harm in doing it anyway.

Its good but in the wrong key. Good job anyway.

[quote=COOPERx223x]Its good but in the wrong key. Good job anyway.[/quote]
I am pretty sure that it is in the right key. If not then what key do you think it is?

can see a copy of this song, or at least a link to a pdf, if you can't/don't want to, that's ok.