Time to Dance - Halo Reach

This the song from the Halo: Reach level "The Package." The song starts at 3:30 and ends at 5:15 (although I included the ending to this) In the game, this plays while you are defending Dr. Halsey's lab (a Firefight-like scenario on the Firefight map "Glacier")
There are definitely a few mistakes in this version. I did everything (except the last part) by ear. One part I know is probably wrong is in the 27th/28th measures, but it won't sound terrible if you play it that way.
Can someone please refine this, and possibly help work on combining it so it can be played in two hands (even if that means just putting the notes on the top staff with the notes on the bottom staff). I would really appreciate it. I'm sorry I don't have really decent sheetmusic for this one; it wasn't easy to make, and I'm only using NoteWorthy Composer, which sucks. I apologize.


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Re: The Package - Halo Reach

I checked the CD and the part is called 'Time to Dance.' It's 1 minute and 47 seconds starting from 3:32.

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Re: Time to Dance - Halo Reach

I played this on the piano but cant transcribe it (cause i dont know Awseome WOrk!!!!111111

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