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Never Forget Full Score

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After transcribing "Unforgotten" into a full score, I decided to do it again for the updated version, "Never Forget". I did it to the best of my ability, had to guess on some things, but I played it side by side with the Halo 3 CD and it sounded pretty darn close, if not exact, to me. So I think I got it right. Also, at measure 25, I couldn't quite pin down which key Marty switches to so I just left it in G Maj/E min. until measure 51 when he obviously goes back to the original key of "Unforgotten" (which is A flat Maj/F min). Any question you have, I will be happy to answer to the best of my ability. Enjoy.



BTW, I left out the percussion because it was a mute point to put it in for only 1 measure. I felt it was a waste of space so I didn't include it.

Cheers for this. You need to put some enharmonic changes in though. The A flats should be G sharps for starts because the piano begins in E.

Anyway, good job. It's people like you that make rampancy so awesome

Don't forget that Mike Salvatori wrote some of this music too.

Just because Marty embraces the spotlight and Mike tries to stay out of it doesn't mean that only one should get credit for the music they collaborated on.


[quote=Matt]Don't forget that Mike Salvatori wrote some of this music too.

Just because Marty embraces the spotlight and Mike tries to stay out of it doesn't mean that only one should get credit for the music they collaborated on.



Of course, a very good point. I've added a line to that effect on the main sheet music page-- hopefully that will at least help a bit, even if all the individual transcription files don't include all necessary credits (which would be ideal).

Rampant for over se7en years.

Yeah I always forget about enharmonic equivalents. And sorry to leave you out Mike! I will fix that in the future.

absolutely beautiful arrangement, you have a really good ear for music, but would it be possible for you to upload the parts on please?

man can someone please just put up the sheet music for never forget that is just violin plz this is the closest but im gonna have to use up so much ink and paper D:

Start play Piano! =D

Wheres teh god damn link to the sheet music!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I got a account and all that shait! Please!!

can anyone upload a version of Three Gates which is the music on the level the covenant in halo 3 when you are in the hornets flying to the gate were you lost connection with jonhson. Also great score!!

That Piece is called Leonidas, you can find a few sheets for it.

is there a score for just cello or just for strings?

The key that he switches to is C# minor. Remember to change your flats to sharps (e.g. Ab to G#) in the C# minor section to keep them in the same harmonic series. Amazing score by the way. Superbly done.

Hello and first of all thank you for this amazing transcription. I love this song and this download has been extremely helpful to me.

However, a couple people have mentioned something about G# missing, or harmonics? I'm not quite sure. Has this been left out, because I'd like to know where to make changes if changes should be made.

I'm currently putting all the parts in to FL Studio (for fun) and seeing how all the parts come together. It sounds very good for the most part, but the Horns, I've noticed, sound off. They seem to be in the wrong key or something... I've checked my notes for accuracy, and I'll check them again.

But I'd be very interested to hear about these changes "for harmonics" that people are talking about, since that could be my problem.

Thank you :)

There is a problem with the horns. They are all a few notes too low (5 semi-tones, I think).

For examples, starting at measure 31 of "Horn 1", the 5 measures each containing a note (F, E, E, F#, F) are off key when playing all instruments together.

To fix this, you shift them up a couple notes to: (B-Flat, A, A, B, B-Flat) instead, and then the notes match perfectly.

I would guess that it goes to Ab major when the piano solo comes in. I mean, that's where all the flats come in. But it is a very subtle key change. Well done!