Request - Bits and Pieces Full Orchestral Score

Hello, I'm sorta new on this site, so I'll introduce myself real quick

I have recently become a Machinima Director and greatly appreciate Halo music. It has great musical quality and I enjoy it alot. I also play the violin, so I'm bound to organize a group to play some of these pieces.

Can some please make sheet music for full orchestra for Bits and Pieces? It's from ODST OST. It's quite a light, carefree, but very musical piece.


P.S. I might make One Final Effort Full Orchestra Scale, but I might have to base it off Jonathan Churchill's Piano Part.

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Re: Request-Bits and Pieces Full Orchestral Score

When do you need it by, I might be able to help but it might take a while.
And what instruments do you need it for and what part of the piece as it sounds like a medley?


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Re: Request-Bits and Pieces Full Orchestral Score

just piano (look on youtube 227films)

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