Let's Play Destiny Co-op #129 Splicer Intel Relays

Let's Play Destiny Co-op #129 Splicer Intel Relays

We're playing the story missions of Bungie's latest expansion to Destiny, Rise of Iron!

A new plaguelands consumable leads to a couple of mini-missions where Destiny started.

Blackstar and Narcogen braved the server queue at launch to play the new Destiny content. We'll do all the story missions, quests and new strikes, and then take a break to level up to prepare for the raid.



This is a good one.
And the explanation on how the axe works.
The sequence at 23:55 where N. rushes in, grabs the axe and offs the Reaver all in one fluid motion definitely deserves to be on the highlight reel.
Perhaps the Acolyte had been eating the super snow that melteth not and thus became... Super Acolyte.