ASE Ep. 118 Marathon Infinity lvl 25 Aye Mak Sicur

Our repeated destination is revealed to be a Jjaro space station with the power to contain the destructive power of the Pfhor's Trih Xeem weapon and prevent the release of the terrible, unknowable and unpronounceable W'rkcacnter. Can Blackstar and Narcogen find and insert two uplink chips in order to save the universe?

This podcast uses:

Aleph One, free and open source versions of Marathon for Windows, Mac and Linux at

Remixes of the Marathon soundtrack by Craig Hardgrove at

We use irons' Co-Op script:

Thanks to the maintainer of the Marathon Story Page, the denizens of the Marathon Story Forum and the Marathon Spoiler Guide:

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Music used in this episode:

"What About Bob?" by Alexander Seropian, remixed by Craig Hardgrove (intro music)
"New Pacific (Reprise)" by Alexander Seropian, remixed by Craig Hardgrove (outro music)

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