ASE Ep. 30: Defend This! Marathon 1 lvl 4

Leela has produced three chips to replace the damaged ones and reactivate Marathon's automated defense system. On the way, Narcogen and Blackstar notice similarities in both enemy and level design between Marathon and Halo.

BONUS: Narc reattempts the failed grenade climb from the last level and talks about how the Marathon 1 scenario had to be altered to suit the changed physics model of the Marathon Infinity engine on which Aleph One is based. To see the climb performed in the original Marathon engine running on Mac OS 9, see this video from the Vidmaster's Challenge on YouTube:
At 01:52 you can see the player arrive at the room and start to clear it. The actual climb starts at 03:08.

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"What About Bob?" by Alexander Seropian, remixed by Craig Hardgrove (intro music)
"Flippant" by Alexander Seropian, remixed by Craig Hardgrove (gameplay background music)
"New Pacific (Reprise)" by Alexander Seropian, remixed by Craig Hardgrove (outro music)

For more information on this level, visit the Marathon Spoiler Guide:



Good as always, though maybe cut down on explaining the purpose of the terminals? I don't need to be told that this terminal is worldbuilding, or that this terminal is objectives, I can see that myself. once again though, good watch.

Point well taken; although we are hoping to make the vids accessible to people who aren't as familiar with the game as some of the old school fans are. In addition, some terms are so long (like the GW term) that we might not end up leaving them on screen long enough for people to read, and so a little summarizing is in order.

Later we hope it'll be more commentary than just recap.

Thanks for watching!

Rampant for over se7en years.

I think I might want to restate my previous.... statement. I think I may have been unclear. I wasn't saying "don't read the terminals," becuase you totally should keep doing that, I was just saying don't spend five seconds simply saying "this terminal gives you exposition," or "this terminal has lore," maybe just read the terminal.

Ah, OK, I think I understand what you mean. I'll try to resist the urge to do it. Mostly I'm doing that because some terminals are quite long and I probably won't be reading the whole thing, but summarizing them. But your point is valid.

Rampant for over se7en years.