Halo 3 E3 2007 Campaign Trailer

This two minute trailer of campaign action in Halo 3 was shown at E3 in 2007. It confirms the Arbiter within the game, in the same location and the same time as the Master Chief.

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hi my name is WARRIOR my comment is about something I read it was some guy who said that halo3's weapons were bad. I have been playing halo 1 and 2 for a long time and I can tell you that it isn't bad so what I haven't playd halo3 evry weapon is good I can kill any enemy with any weapon all halo weapons or graet! maybe it's just I'm so good. all you have to do is learn evry weapons potential. you now what they say it's not the size it's the way you use it. just find the best way to use it. a challenge is good for the intelect. practice makes better.