Licensing the Halo and Oni Engines

Before his confirmation as a new member of the staff, SiliconDream posted up a rather interesting transcript of some statements made by Peter Tamte. Tamte is Bungie's Executive VP of Publishing, formerly the Senior Director of Consumer Marketing at Apple, and was a member of an E3 panel discussion on licensing. If you haven't read this then maybe you should, since it could relate to future events involving the Halo and Oni engines.

Next, it was first noted by MyndReach on the Halo.Bungie.Org forum that someone may be interested in licensing both the Halo and Oni engines for a possible new type of online, episodic gaming. Intrigued, I flipped to a column that I missed on my first scan of Computer Games Magazine's June 2000 issue and transcribed a few paragraphs into our forum for some discussion. It seems to me that when someone is interested in licensing your technology, you're getting some powerful recognition for your talents!. Way to go, Bungie!