The Once And Pfhuture Forerunners

Steve Campbell of fame has put a notice on his new site,, that it is close to opening:

Bungie org was the very best time of my life since I came online in late 1995. It was our intent in the beginning to represent each and every Bungie game made. To this day Bungie Org's purpose still stands strong. Now, with the help of some talented fans, and with some freebies from Matt Soell at Bungie, we are very close to opening up the next generation of Bungie fan web sites, The Forerunners Network. The Forerunners Network is a group of servers that are controlled, maintained and created by the fans. Their two cents of what they enjoy about the Bungie games they play. There are no rules, no guidelines and no restrictions.

Check out for the complete announcement, and we'll keep an eye out for when the site launches officially.