Bungie and E3

If you haven't yet, you need to go check out io.bungie.net, the new b.net website in beta testing. Max, aka Yeroen, posted an interesting item on yesterday's news:

Sorry for giving the quiet treatment. E3 is almost upon us and we're swamped with preparations. The office has become a carnage zone: bodies litter the floor, half-eaten pizzas fill the fridge (yummy yummy munchy munchy), and the conference room has a do not disturb the sleepers sign on it. I'll try to give you a major site update on Monday. Until then, keep testing!

Monday! We'll have to be watching closely. Also, if you're not totally sick of polls yet, stop by there and answer the question of whether you'll be attending E3 or not. It's interesting to note that Bungie lists the poll as being sponsored by nVidia and that a whopping 12% of the voters report they'll be there.