Greatest Time To Be In Games-- Ever

We're extremely late in mentioning this article, but Gamasutra did an interview with Wideload Games founder Alexander "The Man" Seropian last month as Part 2 of their Tour of Chicago. Seropian's post-Bungie startup is based there, as Bungie was prior to the Microsoft buyout.

The article talks about things Seropian likes to do besides playing games, like cook and run, and a bit about what did and didn't work during the 18 month development period for Stubbs. It also mentions that Seropian thinks this is the best time ever to be working in games development.

What it doesn't talk much about is what Wideload is doing next, although there is this brief mention:

"Here's something cryptic," interjects Seropian. "I've always been in the business of making games for me." He proceeds to outline his next title, with impressionistic detail: "I've discovered recently that I've gotten older. And I've got kids at home. And a family. And all the friends I have now are parents of kids my kid's age."

"And they don't play videogames," he continues to build. "So I discovered there's a lot of people like me -- who need to have something that doesn't necessarily have headshots -- but something that's fun to play socially. So we're working on something like that."

So, something fun, something social, something not necessarily a shooter. Anyone have any guesses?



Unfortunately I must keep my guesses secret for now. But when Wideload announces their new projects, I'll let you all know if I was right.


Yeah, and what's your track record with guesses, anyway?

[quote=Claude Errera]Yeah, and what's your track record with guesses, anyway?[/quote]

Probably almost as good as mine.

I'm certainly glad there's a game developer out there that is growing old WITH me.

When I read that part of the article (yah, OLD!) I felt I was suddenly being interviewed.