Interview With Aspyr's Glenda Adams's Randall "Bat" Schwebke has put up the first installment of a three-part interview with Aspyr's Glenda Adams about the upcoming Mac and PC ports of Wideload Games' Stubbs the Zombie, out this week for the Xbox.

This first part covers some technical details on the rendering done by Stubbs on the two platforms, as compared to Halo and compared to each other. Both ports are using OpenGL:

Glenda: We did release final system requirements. They are higher than Halo PC & Mac, most particularly in video card. The sheer number of pixel shader operations Stubbs does per frame is staggering, and the older video cards just can't handle them. So we're going with 64mb DX9 level cards as the minimum.

The game also uses the original Halo engine's physics. Zombie launching, anyone?