The Zombie Is Escaping

Online gaming magazine The Escapist has a nice piece on Stubbs the Zombie; Escapist writer Joe Blancato talks with Wideload's "writer guy" Matt Soell about the grisly genesis of Stubbs; Soell also gets to talk about one of the underlying themes of the game:

"Andrew Monday doesn't like poverty and decrepitude and unpleasantness, so he builds a city where luxury is a birthright and everyone can relax because bad things only happen to lesser people in lesser cities. Then Stubbs shows up, and he's not just poor and decrepit and unpleasant ... he's undead."

Before anybody else points it out, the article does talk about the futuristic city of Pleasantbowl, rather than the name Punchbowl as actually used in the game-- it's either a minor error or the interview happened before the name for the shipping game was finalized. Blancato also can't resist the urge to ask Soell to make a little prediction: not about Wideload's next project, unfortunately, but just about the future in general:

In 50 years, these will officially be the Good Old Days. Our technology and culture will seem quaint to the point of amusement, but there will also be a sizable group of fogies and blowhards whining that everything's gone to hell since then.

Sounds like someone's been reading the HBO forum.

UPDATE: The references to "Pleasantbowl" were, in fact, an error.