InsideMacGames Interviews Mike Donges of Mumbo Jumbo

Myth 3 editors require 3D Studio Max plugin

RHL resident ax pointed us to this interview of Mike Donges at InsideMacGames. Donges works for Mumbo Jumbo, developers of Myth 3, the upcoming prequel to Bungie's Myth series.

A lot of the article focuses on what mapmakers can expect from Myth 3. While it will ship with editors for use on the PC and the Mac, Donges warns that to get graphic models into the editor, you need a plug-in for 3D Studio Max-- a package that doesn't exist on the Mac. However, Donges thinks that someone should be able to make a tool to do the necessary conversions.

For the rest of us, perhaps this is the meat of the article:

IMG: Are you in beta yet? When do you expect the game to ship?

Donges: We are currently deep in Beta. The game is slated to ship on the PC by the end of October (as in this year). I'm not exactly certain when the Mac version will ship, but it should follow shortly.

Great news, as that puts the PC release about three weeks away.