Well Wishings for Chia

Chia'sThis story is a bit off the beaten path, but El Bastard, Cataclysm and Ferrex have informed us of a very serious accident involving Chia (aka, Dave Pindrys ), a member of the community. A long-time Myther and Myth fansite newsmaster, Chia has most recently been doing the website for the Vista Cartel. Most old-school members of the community know him. We wish Chia and his family well in this troubled holiday season. =(

It also appears that the truck driver may already have a record. (Thanks to Tobin for finding that) An individual named Robert Gonsalves was sentenced to 2.5 years in '98 for a DUI offense, along with 8 traffic violations.

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Update: It has been discovered that Chia was discharged from the hospital to a local rehab center. If you would like to send a card or flowers, here is the address:
Rehab Hospital of the Cape & Islands (RHCI)
311 Service Road
East Sandwich, MA 02537
(Make sure you address flowers, cards or other items to Dave Pindrys and not just Chia ;-)