Xbox India Claims 16M Consoles Sold Worldwide

GameGuru interviews Mohit Anand of Xbox India, who makes some pretty ludicrous sounding sales claims for Xbox 360:

GG: How is the Xbox 360 currently doing in India?

MA: Good question! As per your survey, all of us would be out of our jobs. Your survey says 1500-1600 units. If that were the units that we sold, I guess we’d all be out of our jobs. We don’t disclose figures on a nationwide or a region wide basis. All we can say is that worldwide were are now close to 16 million units sold, which is more than all of the other next-gen consoles that have been launched today.

That's funny, since the last claim from Microsoft I saw was around 12 million consoles worldwide, 4 million short of the 16 Anand claims. Plus, you have only check the night map on the Halo 3 page at to notice that however many Xbox 360 consoles there are in India, there are precious few of them online in Halo 3. Not even 1500-1600; at the moment of this writing, there are none showing.