Wideload's Soell Spills Stubbs' Guts

[image:8460 left hspace=5 vspace=5 border=0] Matt Soell, ex of Bungie Studios and now the Lead Writer for Stubbs the Zombie, the new Halo engine game for the Xbox by independent developer Wideload Games in Chicago, was kind enough to take time off during the final crunch time just before Stubbs started shipping to answer a few questions about the game and Wideload's development process.

The interview reveals-- among other things-- the desire for revenge that is seated deep within Stubbs unbeating heart:

Matt Soell: It's a generalized hostility toward the human world that denied him love, success and happiness while he was alive...but he does end up focusing on Andrew Monday for a few different reasons. He's an obvious target: the smiling face of Punchbowl. Stubbs wants to put a couple gaps in that smile.

Read the full interview for some insight into Wideload's experience with their outsourcing business model as well as what gamers can expect from Stubbs.