Salvatori To Continue Composing For Bungie

Fans of previous Bungie franchises like Halo and Myth were surprised earlier this year by the termination of the employment of composer Martin O'Donnell as the studio's Audio Department director, and the subsequent lawsuit he brought against the studio's president, Harold Ryan, for unpaid vacation and penalties. That lawsuit was recently settled.

What remained unresolved was the musical future of Bungie's newest franchise, Destiny, the soundtrack for which was the product of O'Donnell and longtime collaborator Michael Salvatori. The two worked together at Bungie on the soundtrack for five Halo games, and before joining Bungie also did the soundtrack for Bungie's RTS series, Myth, as Total Audio.

No official statement came either from Bungie or from O'Donnell regarding Salvatori. Fans wondered whether he would remain at Bungie and continue working on Destiny, or would he also depart, perhaps to join O'Donnell on some new project.

Contacted through his official website, his representative Lisa Ramirez responded to our inquiry about Salvatori's plans:

Michael Salvatori continues to compose music for Bungie, as he has done for every game they've released since Myth: The Fallen Lords in 1997.

Destiny will be Michael's ninth Bungie game.

Salvatori's works for Bungie, together with O'Donnell, include all five Halo titles, Myth: The Fallen Lords and Myth 2: Soulblighter, and Oni. They also include work on Guilty Party, Hail to the Chimp and Stubbs the Zombie by Wideload Games, founded by Bungie cofounder Alexander Seropian.

So it seems that Destiny will have musical continuity, should Salvatori continue to work on Destiny for as long as Bungie plans the series to continue.