Should Halo 2 multiplayer have fall damage?

25% (884 votes)
63% (2187 votes)
Don't know
3% (100 votes)
Don't care
9% (304 votes)
Total votes: 3475
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Perhaps there should be a difference in the elites and the spartans. For example have the Elites be able to run faster and the spartans be able to survive a high fall. This would level the playing field and make things more interesting

Well, if you don't like fall damage, lets get rid of getting-shot damage too. How bout getting-pancaked-by-a-ghost damage too. Anything that will make you 1337sters die less. STFU CAREBEAR NOOBS (Reposted due to CAREBEAR title)

If you are going to post something, make it worth reaading. Just becuase you think there should be fall damage, and someone else thinks there shouldn't doesnt mean you should start running your mouth like an idiot. Forums are meant to talk about ideas, not yell at anyone who differs from your point-of-view. Please, dont embarrass yourself by posting stupid crap like you just did.

It's not a question of REMOVING. Halo 2 doesn't HAVE fall damage. In fact, if anything, most of the old-time fans are the ones asking (like me) if it should be put back in.

Some just want consistent physics. Some, like me, just don't like Bungie's reasoning behind the removal-- to keep sword lungers from plunging to their deaths. I say, let 'em eat dirt.


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ok... fist of all, look at mc. can you please tell me wtf he is inside? A ARMOR SUIT. wow. did you just realize something? maybe if he is inside an armor suit that wieghs half a ton would protect him from falling..... it makes sence, and if you dont think that there should be no falling damage you must be a moron.

i don't think people shoud be able to leave during stat matches and leave other people (like me) to get obliterated and have there stats messed up.

There is a new glitch I found. Some times hunters sit down on the ground and pretend there dead wen they aren't. I Just found this out about 1houre ago 11:34 Cental Time. Thank you for your time. XBOX LIVE NAME: SnatchyBOB DOE


i wonder what it's like?

i agree

the new sheild thing would make it easier if your shield is down to kill a person when they fell

everyone knows how to surivive a high fall on halo 1(r3 right before you hit ground) so if you could run faster and know how to survive the fall then everyone would just be an there is no point in making a diff. and there should be fall damage... newbs shouldnt just be able to run away and jump from place to place with out getting damaged so if ur good at the safe* jump then it gives you an advantage... halo2= newbs halo1= good halo players (i have many points to proove it). if u wanna know then ask and ill reply

halo one is better because... 1.weapoons are fair (no duel-weilding)... in halo 2 you can shoot som1 with a full clip with an smg and barley kill them.. or they can shoot u with duel pistols and kill u in four shotts from each gun ( gay and unfair) in halo 1 u dont have to worry about the combos other ppl have.. in halo one its fair because there is a lesser range of guns so if your good with those weapons you can own ppl 2.nades SUCK!! in halo 2 theres no point in even having them 3.ur slower so u cant avoid good nade when they ARE placed good(which is rare) 4.jumping over rockets is stupid.. you shouldnt be able to jump over rockets-period 5.takes too long to kill ppl... halo 1 you cant turn around after five seconds of getting shot and then kill that person 6.THE NEWB STICK!!! (the sword) is one of the worst thing that happend to halo! u dont have to be good with that *so called* weapon (they should remove it from halo 3) 7. crouching too! ive played with tons of kids who will crouch around the entire level just so that they wont be seen on radar cuz they know if they do they will die (newbs) 8.the radar doesnt do nething in h2 either theres no point in having it if your gunna see the person when it finally appears on radar! 9.(not important but bungie shoulg go back to the old way when pll died-- they just dropped in there steps.. no bckfilps and s*** 10.halo 1 is more fun.. includes more skill.. and has better features. vehicles suck in both of them!! there for newbs and b****s who dont know how to play!

i was very disapointed when i first played halo 2. its almost impossible to switch weapons in combat because of new crappy dual- weilding feature.

have bots in multiplayer for the people who have no xbox live.

yeah that would be awwwwwsome

yeah that would be awwwwwsome

there is no point in having halo if you are goin to cheat!!! u suck and u shouldnt have the game!!! its not like nebody cares about ur highlevel if u cheat... only if ur good without cheating... so theres no point in doing it its not like its ne fun.. i know som1 who can do it and he said theres not point its just like killing frozen people (NO FUN!) AND I SAY AGAIN IF U SUCK SO BAD U HAVE TO CHEAT DONT PLAY THE GAME!

I really like how it has no fall damage. It adds more depth and strategy, like jumping into an enemy's base in coag or something (in my mind) like a combat jump where the dude, or chic, in the banshee drops in a circle to help a friend. It's a really cool addition and I'd like to tell Bungie to keep up the good work!

i agree that is cool too but (vehicles are stupid) it is more of a challenge and sortof separates the skilled players a little farther from the newbs because if u have low life and u jump out of a banshee then u die but if ur more skilled then u can jump out, squat, and not die so its just another way of being better

[quote=]I really like how it has no fall damage. It adds more depth and strategy, like jumping into an enemy's base in coag or something (in my mind) like a combat jump where the dude, or chic, in the banshee drops in a circle to help a friend. It's a really cool addition and I'd like to tell Bungie to keep up the good work![/quote]

Really? I thought it actually made the game feel like strategy was less important. Because players need not fear death from falling, they can approach from any direction, even from a great height, meaning that defensive structures have little meaning.

The more I play it, the more Halo 2 reminds me of Quake 1; quick movement, strategies that are little more than weapon-cycling and a bit of spawn-camping, and a frenetic pace that means that it's nearly always better to rush in guns blazing than to take a more methodical approach.

I certainly didn't expect a tactical shooter, but it would be nice to see players punished more for dying in games to give everyone a bit of pause. Right now, the greatest risks are losing out on the choice weapons and falling too far behind too early; both encourage running and gunning with little variety, except for sniping.

tru that

tru that

becus you cant pre form certen glites with fall damge

is that th3 only r3ason u hav3 halo? for glitch3s

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no comment

There are Gold Elites in Halo 2! (but you probably already knew that)

I found a Gold Elite in Halo 2 on the first level on Legendary. (You probably already found one)


bungies makin a expansion pack for 20.00$ and it has i think 9 more NEW MULTIPLAYER MAPS! COMES OUT IN JUNE I THINK JUNE 26TH

It looks like the level on campain The Regret

you have fall damage because yiu are stupid1

[quote=] you have fall damage because yiu are stupid1 [/quote] That doesn't even make sense.

it is only 4 new maps

[quote=]it is only 4 new maps[/quote] Actually, there will be 9 maps. Only 4 (two free, two premium) are coming out in April. What's that got to do with fall damage in multiplayer?

you know on mutiplayer mode, I think there should be a thing where it says play against computer. Because some people might not have people to play with like some other games.

Without fall damage you could defy the real physics of the game, you shouldn't be able to fall of the tower on couagulation and live. it just dosen't fit

Would you care if you couldn't settle a game? most jumps in halo 2 are a bit, extreme, and need to be made real; don't you agree? Aren't you tired of the 50 story drop and no reaction? i mean come on.... John or Spartan-117 maybe augmented with super-human chemical strengh enhancers, and the Covenant elites superior body mass structural tissue as well as both of their nuclear core generator shields, could and can not take a fifty story drop without maybe a broken bone. A normal human would broken in half, let alone killed. I think the producers should rethink the strategical efforts on the multiplayer settings. At least make it part of the quick options or something. I believe most of everything relates back to something and i am probably sure Jason Jones and/or another supporting cast/crew producer member probably wanted just another kick to go along with one of the many Halo aspects to multiplayer, but why can't you guys just of put it on the quick options menu. This option would save people the time and not have to deal with false calls on how high someone can jump or how far someone can jump down without health loss. How would you care if you were in a close game and for the win, where you are on top of the tallest/highest/biggest tower, snipier position and you have now knocked your oponent off and knocked his shield down as he knocked yours down, but you didn't fall, and when your friend hit the floor from a huge dropoff, wouldn't be so upsetting to know that the weight and momentum didn't cause any effect to his death for the win?8Þi love you guys' works on this and jason jones and martin o'donnel are like my biggest heroes!!!!!!!!8Þ can find me... i am SheisseHaupt(it's german)on my gamertag. Oly Oly Oxen Free p.s.Eric Nylund, you, Jason, and Marty, ROCK!!!!!!!!!


how u master to be anyone in the game and by changing ur color for multi is good in the hiding by the wall as the wall is the same color as ur armor