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Today's entry in the Halo 3 Weapons Guide is the Covenant Carbine.

Clip size: 18
max capacity: 90
rate of fire: ~5 rounds per second
Rounds to kill (body): 12
Rounds to kill (head): 8
Rounds before melee kill: 5
(same for head, no damage difference for headshots until shield is down)
Rounds before close frag nade kill (body): 4 (same for head)
Rounds after close frag nade to kill (body): 4
Rounds after close frag nade to kill (head): 1
Rounds before far frag nade kill(body): 7
Rounds after far frag nade to kill(body): 7
Rounds after far frag nade to kill(head): ~2-3

Notes: The spamming, fast shot nature of this gun means that it is particularly good for getting lucky random headshots at distance. The same principle of aiming for the center of mass at extreme range when using the Battle Rifle applies, but oddly enough the carbine seems the better of the two when aiming at the head from extreme range. It seems to be 'more powerful' than the BR is at range.

For demonstrations see the below short films:

Carbine Range Demo
Carbine Kill Demo



[quote]oddly enough the carbine seems the better of the two when aiming at the head from extreme range. It seems to be 'more powerful' than the BR is at range[/quote]

Could this be because the Carbine fires a single shot whereas the Battle Rifle fires a three-shot burst? It's possible for some of those three shots to miss (or hit a different part of the body), whereas the Carbine will put all of its damage into a single location.

Yes, but by the same token, with the BR you can have one round strike for a headshot even if the other two are complete misses, whereas the carbine is all-or-nothing.

Rampant for over se7en years.

But you can fire single shots of the carbine fairly quickly so that 3 shots from the carbine might not take much longer than the 3 shot burst from the BR. Plus, I find with the carbine, since you're dealing with single shots, you can adjust your aim and follow your target as you are shooting much better than with the BR where you kinda have to be more deliberate with your aim or else you miss completely.

If a guy pops up around the corner with an AR and is running towards me, if I have the carbine a lot of times I will still win the fight even at close quarters, even if I miss a shot or two, whereas with the BR, if I miss one 3 shot burst, he's gonna win the fight 90% of the time.

I don't know whether they made the BR weaker or made the carbine better but I definately feel in part 3, the carbine, not the BR, is the spirtual succesor to Halo 1's pistol.

single wielding / headshot (secondes) :

1/ SMG : 1.6
1/ Carbine : 1.6
3/ Spiker : 1.75
4/ Battle Rifle : 2
4/ Assault Rifle : 2
6/ Plasma Rifle : 2.25
7/ Pistol : 2.5

I agree, if you are to miss with the BR, you have to wait about 1/2 a second before firing. In this time, you could have the Carbine lined up with someone's head and fire away. And even if one shot hits the person, it will do minimum damage.

thats why the br is barely used for headshots when i use in (which is rarely) i always take body shots.

But it only Takes 4 BR shots to kill...