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[i]By TheTaintedOne[/i][/b]

[b][url= HTTP Download Link (THANKS HALOChat!)[/color][/url][/b]

Well, after making two glitching vids in the past, I have finally finished my next video: a multiplayer custom gaming montage. Let me start by saying that this movie isn't about my SKi11z or how 133T I am, nor is it about specific MLG gametypes, it's about how awesome H2 custom gaming is and visual ENTERTAINMENT. The fact remains that many of the people in this vid are WAY BETTER than me, so I'm giving an extra thanks to people from my clan Custom Gamers and from my friends list for always filling up my party lobby!

Anyway, for those who care, here are some details about the video:

- Glorious 16:9 WIDESCREEN format
- 12 minutes long (yeah, I know, it's TOO LONG, but I cut so much out, I couldn't bring myself to cut any more than I did)
- Over 450+ cuts/edits (which means a kill count even higher than that!)
- Captured onto MiniDV in 720x480 NTSC Widescreen DV (non-square pixels)
- Edited using the Sony Vegas 5 NLE in full-res
- Rendered to full-res 720x480 Widescreen NTSC DV from the NLE (non-square pixels)
- Encoded to MOV & WMV using Sorenson Sqeeze at 426x240
- Used a "decimate lower field" filter for de-interlacing resulting in virtually zero combing/tearing interlace artifacts (this works because I'm only encoding to 240 vertical lines)
- Mixed in a variety of music with the game's own sound effects (why don't more montage's do this? The sound effects make the video WAY BETTER in my opinion).

For now, Louis at has been kind enough to help me seed the video via BIT TORRENT, which is currently the ONLY WAY you can download the video.

[b][color=red]Since I'm using Bit Torrent, I would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT if you could leave your Bit Torrent client OPEN even after your done downloading so as to help provide more bandwidth for others trying to download it. The longer you can leave your Bit Torrent client running the better. THANKS![/color][/b]

If you don't already have a Bit Torrent client (where have you been hiding?), you can download the original basic client for Windows/Mac/Linux here:

And now, here are the Bit Torrent links to "Tainted Love: A Custom Gaming Montage." Download, enjoy, and please leave feedback here in the forum to tell me what you think.

[b][url=]Windows Media Torrent Link[/url]

[url=]QuickTime Video Torrent Link[/url]

* * *

Or if you're Bit Torrent challenged, here's a regular download link:
[url= HTTP Download Link (THANKS HALOChat!)[/color][/url][/b]

* * *

Thanks again!

-- Taint


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How do you record footage to make a montage?
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