The Revenge Of Bungie

This week's Humpday Challenge was against Tips & Tricks Magazine, and Bungie took all three games handily, with the help of Iqbal, Mortimer, and a team of crack-smoking monkeys... I mean, a team of crack monkeys.


it bad if you compare it to halo2 but it was good when it came out.

What's that got do do with this week's Humpday Challenge?

And in any case, I disagree... except in eye candy, I still like some parts of Halo 1 better than Halo 2.


Rampant for over five years.

I agree with Narc, it's taken a while to find somewhere where someone would say that. I think that Halo 2's play time and play quality were inferior in a good number of parts to Halo 1. Although it did have nice scenery... that is, when you were outside for about 10 minutes. ---Wanted9867---