Banshee Jacking

Now, this trick is 2 in 1. This should probably be attempted at the Easy level of difficulty. Grab a Warthog at the beggining of the level. Drive to the end of the bridge and you will see a tunnel. Drive down the ramp backwards so the Banshees flying around outside notice you and come in after you. When you get to the first half closed door, kill your marines so they dont shoot down the Banshee. Get the banshee to follow you through the big yellow doors then kill all the ground units in that section. Again, there is another set of closed doors you need to figure a way to get the Banshee to follow you through. Once its through, blow off one wing so the Banshee can fit through a tunnel you'll come across later. Get the banshee to follow you into the room with the red lights, pause, get a drink, then resume. Now the banshee is trapped in this room so u don't have to worry about it flying away from here on. Get it to lead the way down the tunnel and stay close to it. As soon as you see the loading screen, press X to board the Banshee. If you've done it right, you've now got a Banshee. As soon as you get out of the tunnel, fly straight towards the bridge above and grab the cool new object on it. Or, fly to the door exiting the room w/ 4 waterfalls and look at the building thats broken near the middle. Fly into the hole and here's another freaky new object.



Does this guid tell how to get the scarb gun?

No, but here are other pages that do:


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i know theres the scarab gun but what is in the hole???