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Too Much Hype

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Too Much Hype

Most anticipated game in years -- Yes.

The most brilliant game ever -- Halo 1

Halo 2 expected to be an epic -- Yes
Was it for me -- No

I despise the new HUD.
What happened to the whole 'all the original Halo levels combined can fit into a single Halo 2 level'???? I see none of that, I've played for about 2 hours now and I'm already to the 6th level.. Maybe they've packed it with about 30 or something, that might make up for the shittiness that composes the rest of the game.

The warthog.. what the fuck happened Bungie?? Why does it act like it weighs 10 lbs and why the hell is it so damn twitchy and jumpy???

The tank, what happened to the tank.. the gun looks and sounds gay.

The cutscenes are filled with jumpy glitchy spots where it has to load up lots of stuff.. I've gone through 2 cutscenes where people are simply hovering in space...... That might be because of all the bump mapping an all, but still couldn't anything be done about it.

The vehicles aren't spectacular, the game play is mediocre, the whole jumping 30 feet in the air is just stupid, and the new hud blows.
After 3 years couldn't Bungie come up with something even similar in greatness to the original Halo??
Why couldn't they have kept EVERYTHING the same and just added some new fucking levels?

Please, if you decide to attempt a third 'Halo' don't call it that.. call it the Quirky Adventures of the Master Chief and his Corporate Counterparts.
Halo 2 is barely worthy of its title as a halo sequel..

Halo 3---- a definite no.. please.

A highly disappointed --Wanted9867--

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I agreed... the most desapoin

I agreed... the most desapointed for me is the melee attack. When u use it in a intense battle, you got 50 % to get lost after. No more combo with fire, turn around, melee, fire... forget this for halo 2

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That's a bit harsh

For a game with so much hype, it's understandable how so many people could be let down.

The only thing I agree with you about all the negative comments you made about the game(and surprisingly no positive comments) is that the 'HUD sucks'.

It's not that I don't like the new layout of the HUD, it's just it feels much more clunkier and bigger than the last HUD on Halo 1. In Halo 2, the guns are so big they take up half the screen, plus you seem to run a bit slower, so it just seems you're one chuggy Master Cheif that can't see over his guns.

Halo 1's gameplay was much more freestyled in my opinion, because every weapon was balanced out to make for a clean, fair match(besides the Needler). Dual weilding is great and all, but it really sets the balance off its scale. Maybe if the Battle Rifle took off more damage would it really be a balanced scale, but mid-range fights have to be cut short because there isn't a true gun meant for such a setting.

There is still much strategy involved in Halo 2 when deciding which wpns to use, but I usually aim for dual weilding an smg w/ a needler, plasma rifle, or another SMG.

You had to actually think about what to do in Halo 1 when on legendary, for every moment was a bit sticky and made you strategize about what to do. In Halo 2, all you have to do is lob a couple grenades and get out your two rifles and blow them away.

About the 'warthog weighing 10 lbs,' I thought it felt much more heavier than the original warthog. Again, only adding to the chuggy gameplay. I got used to it though, and soon came to enjoy every moment of the game.

That's all the negative comments about the game, and some of the stuff I'm actually exaggerating. I love Halo 2, and would give the game a 10/10 if it weren't for the ending. The story is insane, and online play is the best thing about the game. I'll be playing it for many months to come, and enjoy it until Halo 3 is released.

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