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Dallas Halo Fans - Halo2 Midnight Event

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Dallas Halo Fans - Halo2 Midnight Event

Any Halo fans in Dallas may want to check this out, they are giving away lots of stuff including a copy of halo2 and an xbox.



At midnight on Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2004, Earth will never be the same again and neither will gamers as “Halo 2� makes its planetary debut. Beginning at 10 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 8 a Halo will hover over the Hillcrest BLOCKBUSTER and game enthusiasts will line up to get the FIRST copies of “Halo 2�.

“Halo 2� will be available to rent or buy at midnight on Nov. 9, at all GAME RUSH™ stores across North Texas and the country, making GAME RUSH, BLOCKBUSTER’s store-in-store concept that allows customers to rent, buy or trade games, one of the first retailers to make “Halo 2� available to the public. The most eagerly awaited X-Box title has an estimated 1.5 million copies pre-sold and its predecessor, “Halo: Combat Evolved,� has sold more than five million copies.

GAME RUSH™ “Halo 2� festivities begin at 10 p.m. and won’t stop until after midnight. All customers who purchase “Halo 2� at midnight will receive a “Halo 2� Coupon Book with more than $200 in savings as well as midnight-only savings of up to 50 percent on additional select games, accessories and hardware. In addition, GAME RUSH stores carry a full selection of “Halo 2� accessories, and all X-Box hardware and software.

Mark Your Calendars: 10 p.m. – Midnight

Join us at 6437 Hillcrest Ave, Dallas, Texas as legions of Halo enthusiasts count down to midnight while Blockbuster gives away lots of prizes.

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