New Seems Open Now

Looks like the new-look is open now for real, and looks like there are a few things to poke around and find.

One is a new video called Can o'Whoop Ass; you can see it on the new videos page.

Another is the link to "webcams" in the Inside Bungie section; looks like two more cams in addition to the original have been added. However, one seems to be pointing at what looks like a kitchen windowsill full of bonsai trees and a fan, while the other appears to be pointing at a Billy Talent album cover.

There are also new forums. The new forums support avatars, thread locking, stickies, and polls, although the new rules are rather draconian: no bad jokes and the use of any variation of the word n00b is punishable by death. You've been warned.

UPDATE: Now there are two new stories on the front page, also. One is a more detailed list of the new site's features, and the other is a retrospective on the Origins of Halo. The latter article, while it summarizes things that a lot of longtime community members already know, is interesting because it's the first time the Mac roots of Halo have been discussed by Bungie since shortly after the buyout, and it also explicitly about a lot of the removed features, such as the elevation map, ambient life, and some of the Covenant vehicles.