Please Exit At The Rear Of The Theater... Thank You

Well, since Bungie started the Weekly Updates again for the upcoming release of Halo 2, there's been an increase in traffic to a lot of Halo sites, and Rampancy is no exception. In particular, a lot of people found Rampancy's Movies page, which while not nearly the complete listing they have at HBO, or the huge downspout of bandwidth that they have at Mythica, had a few good movies and was able to push a bit of traffic.

So much traffic, in fact, that our host is now quite concerned about the usage on what is essentially an account that has no extra bandwidth charges. We were happy to continue as long as no one noticed, but our host has been good to us over the years, so rather than let it all hang out, we're going to scale back a little bit.

In short, we are removing some of the older but more popular movies that we've mirrored and that get a lot of traffic, in order that we can continue to offer occasional mirrors for new movies that warrant attention. As of today, our local copies of these movies are offline:

  • Warthog Jump
  • Warthog Revisited
  • We Grew Up Fast
  • Halo 2 E3 Realtime Demo (hires)

Thanks for your understanding.



are there any mirror sites for these vids? Or has anyone seeded a .torrent for any of these?? I really wished I'd saved a copy of We Grew Up Fast to my machine. Dammit!

First try HBO's mirror list,

Rampant for over four years.

Thanks narcogen, you're a lifesaver! Hadn't heard of that site before, thanks a million for the info man

...hadn't heard of HBO? But you'd heard of Rampancy?

If you're being sarcastic, then :P and if you're telling the truth, you've made my day :)

Rampant for over four years.