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Haloic-Hay-lo-ick-1. One who is a Halo fanatic, mostly characterized by one who plays the game, reads the books, wears items which symbolize Halo, thinks and talks about it. 2. That which pretains to Halo: Combat Evolved.

I made up this because I needed something to call myself and other fellow
Halo fanatics. How do you show that you are a Haloic?

I wear a quarter on my necklace eagle side up, I also have all the books, Halo 2: The Flaming N!NJ4 reserved, another necklace which has clear crystals inlaid in an O shape, a choker which has an O hanging from it, and indigo
(purple and blue) glitter nail polish which I call Cortana, and My friends and Haloics know me by Cortana.
I dont know if this is a little extreme but hey other people just think that my necklaces are pritty and my nail polish, only Haloics know the inside meaning.


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Whatever works for you :-)

For fans of Bungie games before Halo (there were several, many of them extremely good) there was already a word:


Rampant for over four years.

Rampant for over se7en years.

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Yeah, but this is just basically for Halo Peoples, and bungiefan doesnt sound pritty...I like pritty things.

"True love doesn't have a happy ending...True love has no ending."

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OK< Yea I would consider my self a Haloic, as you call it, but I am also a firm believer and follower of Bungiism.

---Kill Alll Covie Bastards---

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Maybe I am Haloic. Maaaayyybbbbeee....