Infinium Planning "Halo-like" Shooter For Phantom

Spenser posted in the HBO forum that the answer to a FAQ item on the website of Infinium Labs, the company currently purporting to be developing a driveless gaming console called the Phantom, will have a shooter similar to our favorite game available at launch: reportedly a two chapter "Halo-like" FPS game. It is in response to a question about whether or not the Phantom system has a lot of games. Initially developers were claiming 17,000 titles available at launch. That total has since been raised to 30,000.

Currently the company is better known for having showed up at E3 with nothing but an empty plastic case to show and then threatening to sue HardOCP for publishing an article suggesting that maybe the whole thing is vaporware.

Bringing the story full circle, the threat of legal action emerged after Kevin Bachus, formerly of Capital Entertainment Group, joined the company as chief operating officer. Capital Entertainment Group was a company Bachus formed with former Xbox officer Seamus Blackley.

Warning: both the Infinium Labs and the Phantom websites (even the so-called dialup versions) have such horribly over-done Flash interfaces that currently we can't even get them to load or work well enough to verify Spenser's report; YMMV.