Halo 2 demo

I'm sure Bungie is getting flogged by emails requesting this, but wouldn't it be cool if they could release a playable Halo 2 demo? Upon reading the February 2004 issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, I learned that one of their employees, Frank O'Connor, now works at Bungie Studios. (lucky bastard!) So I was thinking that maybe they could put a playable Halo 2 demo (perhaps of the E3 demo video?) on one of the upcoming disks. I'm sure the people at Bungie read this, so perhaps if there is a huge demand for a playable demo, they might release one. Please share your thoughts on this, and let your voice be heard!

I think it would be nice for Bungie to make a H2 demo disc as long as it doesn't take away from time that could be spent to get the game finished. It would be nice though seeing as how we've been waiting a long time. Although if I could just see some new footage of Halo 2 I'd be happy enough.

Well, the original Halo disk for the Xbox was used as a vehicle for OTHER games' demos. I think MS is probably going to be fairly confident in a good audience for Halo 2; they may not be worried about trying to hook people with demos.

The demo for PC Halo was done after the game; I suspect if there would be a Halo 2 demo, it'll be after the game's release.

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Ya i would love to see a Halo 2 demo.....they should put one out soon or at least some new halo 2 footage.....i've seen everything they got (Footage wise)

tell me how many marine our on halo1 and halo2

The number of different models used? Or the number of soldiers that get off the Pillar of Autumn after it crashes?

I don't even think the novels are exact about the latter. As for the former, the Halo Story Page might help:


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Rampant for over se7en years.


halo 2 action yes i love it

Ya this is going to be the best game ever.

This game looks like it is going to be # 1 game of the year. I'v seen the demo and it looks so sweet. I have reserved it for my self

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heck yeah.

Hell Ya.

I can't believe everyone's missed the Halo 2 demo. So many others (by the millions) are playing it everyday, on the XBOX or the PC. I already have enough info about how Halo 2 will feel, only better, cause I've played the "DEMO" called Halo or Halo PC....

Just like the VCR was the demo to the DVD player.....

Where can i get the demo

There is no playable demo. There are movies of a realtime demonstration (demo) given at last year's E3.

It is on this page:


Rampant for over four years.

Rampant for over se7en years.

there is the playable demo out
buy it on the internet

Buzz. Nope.

Thanks for playing, though.

Rampant for over four years.

Rampant for over se7en years.

I want to play to see if I want to buy it

if you want to buy it, go to "IGN gamestore"

go to gametrailers.com on "h"!!!!

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I am not a Bungie employee and I don't know "Rampant AI". I can say thought that I agree with him. I think that Bungie is doing a great job and all, thought they should keep in mind that while they have been making the game perfect for us we have been waiting like crazy to see what it might be like to play the game I am going to agree with Rampant AI on this one. This is "Geo_Sync" signing out. See yah!

That would be AWSOME and atleast people could play the demo to hold them of for the real game! I have been waiting sence they first made the anouncementat I think it was 2002. And man I can't stand it! but... hey I know that it will be... 3 words... BEST-GAME-EVER!!!!!!!!!

So If they did... (AND THEY SHOULD!!!!) it would be the smartest move they could make to hold people of till it releases in the fall...


you know that they might have ben trying to create the demo of H2 and that would have already have taken off of the timethat they had to create the game.

I agree i have waited long enough for this phenonemon.
Its about time some blood poured onto the screen.

i agree, people are dieing to actually play this new game, it first started off that halo 2 will come out january 2003, the april 1, and now (I hope) it will stop getting alot of delays and it will come out on octobet

Halo 2 has not been delayed. They never announced a release date. First they said "2004" and then they said "Fall 2004". That is not a delay. Please check the FAQ before posting about release dates and delays.

People who said Halo was going to come out in January 2003 were on crack and making it up.

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Rampant for over se7en years.

i agree with your comment with halo 2 and i think that they should put out a demo for halo 2

There Shouldnt be a Halo Demo I mean when you play a game you want everything to be fresh new and exciting a demo would take away some of the awesome goodies that the full game has instore and ruin some of the gameplay.

The hell it wouldn't, it would get us excited about Halo2 if we 1st got the demo, a little morsel,of Halo2

finaly some one says something that I can post on. I think that's a killer idea! maby thay will think if people try the E3 demo thay will get more sales or something that way every one wins.

anyone who isnt a part of bungie shouldn't play any demo for halo 2... NOTHING!!! if someone does than they will ruin everything that everyone has come to love, and that wont be good cuz if any one atually gave away sensative information or a kick ass demo about halo 2 and i find out who they r... the only thing remaning of that person would be a mangled corpse with an xbox halfway up their ass and the demo sticking out of the tray.


halo2 can be ruined by a demo however i think if they want to release a demo it should be footage nothing more they showed us what they got so far and its great i like wat i see and thats cool but...

it would be funny to c sum1 with an xbox p his ass on the frontpage of a newspaper

we all have been waiting a long long long time the screen shots are cool but i need more please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give us a demo

Bungie's never really done demo or tech demo release stuff of games way before release, the way, say, Id software has historically done with the Quake games. I wouldn't expect to see a Halo 2 demo (if there ever is one) until after the game is finished... so you'll probably be waiting just as long...

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well i was watchin the e3 demo and everything and i think bungie might have slipped. when the player walks up to the guy who is on the radio he says something like "i knew we called for back up i didnt know they would send a spartan". If you notice he refered to mc as a spartan, and in normal speech if there is one of something you would refer to it as its proper name which in his case is mc. but instead he calls mc a spartan like he knows of others. im just saying also, they really shouldnt know that mc is still alive since he kinda just arrives back at earth.... so to the radioman hes just another spartan.. its super late so if this doesnt make much sense ill make it clearer later it later..

YA, I think there sould be other spartans like MC. One reason is
when you get to the end of a level almost all of your backup is
fried. I think that if other dudes have armor like you, you'll
still have dudes at the end of a level.

signed: GANGSTA

if you play co-op there are other spartans. Aren't there?

they had more spartans
they died though
by book fall of reach and mc and other chosen spartans are 6!!!

You haven't got the whole story there yet...

Rampant for over four years.

Rampant for over se7en years.

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yes i would agree what life can you have when your waiting for a stupid game to come out and actually complain about it be patient and in the mean time go masturbate

There should be a demo of the E3 video

Yes there were and are other Spartans, they're not one of a kind.. just like our Delta Force is not one of a kind; it's just another unit in the Army. And some of the other ones were killed some way or another if I remember the books and parts of the game correctly (?).



so perhaps if there is a huge demand for a playable demo, they might release one...

You think there would be a strong demand for a demo? Hmmmm... I don't know... Are you kidding me? I agree with your interest in requesting a demo, but I don't think you need to worry about huge demand. That comment was just not well thought out.

To be perfectly honest, I would just wait. I would rather see footage or pictures of the actual game, but if they actually do make a demo, it takes time away from the release date. Right now, from what I've read from weekly updates, this is the "Ballistic" period and they be working long hours. So I'd rather have Halo 2 show itself as a whole, than to show itself as a peice of what it can really do.

I totally agree. I would rather see the all powerful Halo 2 as a whole then in fragment form. Some new screen shots and weapon/ vehicle updates wouldn't hurt though.

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i personally dont think that there should be a H2 demo.I would rather have all the excitement and anticipation build up in me so that the day H2 actually hits stores i will be more excited then ever.and i do agree with the others, taking time away from the game will delay the release date and most likely make the game a poorer quality.Now if they make a poor quality demo then i know most people will be disappointed and pass judgement that H2 will suck.Now thats just me

EVERY highly anticipated game (( or at least in my eyes )) that has had a demo... has been partially ruined in my eyes. I've been waiting since November of 2001 for Halo 2 to come out, if they spoil it with a demo than I'm going to be highly disappointed. When you get a demo you usually find out every little goodie that they have on there within the first week of you having it, I'd rather wait for the freakin' real game to come out before I spoil the whole thing with a demo. And I'm positive they won't release a demo, because if they were planning on it than they would've a long time ago the first time they delayed it to hold us back, they will not release one because of popular demand.