Halo 3 Announcement Trailer Piano Solo

After working on it for almost 4 months, I have decided that this is good enough. It is only for Finele Notepad; so if you dont have that program, you can't view it. If you can view it, then enjoy! I am currently working on the rest of the trailer and hopefully will have it posted here soon again for finale notepad. Sorry, I will try to make a PDF sooner or later for those who are unable to view it. Anyway, here is the Halo 3 Piano Solo, transcribed by spartan182 and young kaos.

UPDATE: SIRBOE below provided a PDF version, which I have also added to the page now.

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Ok, I've registered and verified my email address, and there is still no download link. What am I missing?

Nevermind. Once I posted this comment, the link was there, even though I'd refreshed the page several times after I logged in. Weirdness with the site cookies, I suppose.

I think you had registered the account and verified your email address, but hadn't actually been logged in to your account yet. That's why the above comment is Anonymous and the below one assigned to your username, and why you couldn't see the download link earlier.

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the same thing is happening for me, i am logged in but dont see any dl links

Login twice. That is what I have to do. Great news. I found out that I wont have a booked weekend. Looks like most of my house guests wont make it, not that that is a good thing but now I have free time on my hands. So I will be on regularly. Oh and to the guy I am responding to. If you still cant see a link after you login twice then give me your email and I'll send it to you.

I can't see the link either. Can you send it to me instead please? Malicemizer13@hotmail.com

If it says "Anonymous" next to your post, then you either didn't register, or if you did register, you didn't login. Once you do that, you'll be able to see the download links.

Don't worry. We don't send spam, we don't sell email addresses, and we don't bite.

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thanks for the tip =D

It won't let me go to the link

Can i have the music now?

If it says "Anonymous" next to your posts, you may have registered, but you haven't logged in.

If you registered but gave an incorrect email address, you won't get the registration confirmation link. If you don't click that link, your registration isn't complete and the download links still won't display.

If you're registered and logged in but you don't get the confirmation link, send me a private message or email narcogen@rampancy.net and I'll manually activate your account.

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log in??? :)

If you see your name when you post comments, then you're logged in. If you're not logged in the lefthand column will show a login box. If you're logged in, it'll show your name and a "log out" link.

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Wow. This must be pretty annoying, lol. Maybe you should make a help thread or something and just post the link when somebody has a problem. Though you're a pretty nice guy, compared to a couple of other forums. The moderators on another would just flame you. Also, New001s (Halo 2 profile joke, lol, Not Joe Tung) after you log in, there is a green box that says login successful. Happens to me anyway.

same problem

C'mon, guys. Read the thread. This isn't rocket science.

If your comment is posted as "anonymous" instead of under your account name, then you haven't logged in. If you haven't logged in, then you can't download the files.

If you haven't logged in then the first block in the lefthand column is a login box.

If you've registered and confirmed then login and you'll see the links.

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I"m having the same problem

ive got the same problem. odd

i dont know the same thing happend to me?

I dont see a LINK!!

You need to have an account and be logged in to download attached files.

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me neither

you need to REGISTER!!

The link is under atachments and you have to be a member. it should say PDF at the end witch is a type of file.

Here's the PDF. ;)
[url=http://www.fileden.com/files/2006/6/22/82989/Halo%203%20Piano%20Solo.pdf... 3 Piano Solo.pdf[/url]

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Hey, thanks for thepdf to go with my document. Although all the octave E's in the begining are supposed to be attached. Anyway thanks for posting it.

[quote=spartan182]Hey, thanks for thepdf to go with my document. Although all the octave E's in the begining are supposed to be attached. Anyway thanks for posting it.[/quote]
Oops, sorry bout that. ;)

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That is a very fine transcription- nice job Spartan 182. Hope to talk to you again soon.

i love this peice nice job but it sounds a little off idk mabe its just cuz,the piano used in the recording or the sound was enhanced in the real recording but nice job anyways. also i think the last sharp or flat i forget wat it was should be changed to B but w/e thats my opinion

Im new and i love halo music but i cant find a download button :S

read the comment before, all you gotta do is sign up and then log in

When I view the PDF file it is only like 1 line and it is all messed up. And when I try to save the .MUS file it saves it as a text file, with just a bunch of random symbols. I have Finale PrintMusic 2006 which can read Notepad files. I had the same problem with your Halo 2 Theme song. Anyone else getting this?

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PDF works fine for me; I can't verify the .mus file since I don't have PrintMusic.

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I get this:


But I can just email him to get it.

That's the same file I have-- which opens fine. I think maybe your complaint is about the content, not the file, or else I need a new copy of the file also, because that's what I've got.

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can you get the HALO theme pdf for the piano as soon as possible

go back to the Halo shee music section

The Halo 2 main theme pdf is coming right Spartan182

but nothing is coming up. hm...

[quote=Anonymous]but nothing is coming up. hm...[/quote]

Your comment came up as Anonymous, which means you didn't successfully log in. When you login, there should be a box in the left hand column with your login name at the top.

First, try making sure you're accessing the site at its proper name.. rampancy.net (without the 'www'). If you login using the 'www' and then hit a link to a page without the 'www' you won't be logged in anymore.

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This is a test to see if this comment is anonymous or not.

First off, i'd like to thank you for making this sheet music spartan182, i've been looking all over for it and this is the only place I could find it. I printed it out, figured out the notes, and tried playing it. The fifth bar of notes just doesn't sound right at all. I keep comparing it to the trailer, and it's off. The base clef part on bar five is not right.
I'm not expecting you to fix it, it's not really that big of a deal, i'd just really like to know how to play this piece. Thanks again for what you have done though, it's gotten me on the right track for sure. :)

First, great job making this. Really cool, but I'm having a problem. IN both the pdf and the .mus version, there's only one bar... Why? there should be more right?

I'm also having the same problem of having only 1 bar show up in both versions. Could you please reupload?

Same here. I'm only see one bar as well. Can someone please shed some light on this?

everyone check out the new version. It is corrected and sounds perfect. And I saw a video of Marty playing the exact notes on youtube. The notes are correct beleive me.

I cant find the link to the updated music. Or is the one on your original post the new one?

To avoid confusion I've added the new PDF file as a separate file on the same page-- it says "updated" in the filename.

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This is some great stuff! Good work!

*claps* I <3 the Halo 3 music. And I'm learning piano! \o/ thanks!

Thanks guys, remember there is the corrected version of this now availiable in the sheet music section.

so, is the song only one line long?

Get the file with "updated" in its name. The last on the list.

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both pdfs are only one line...

The piano solo from the song is only one line, and that's what this file is.

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Read the thread before posting-- anonymous users can't see the link.

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is this the one from the e3 2007 trailer?

Wow, these songs are really neat. I'll be playing them for my winter recital in 3 months. Thx alot!

very nice*
Thanks for posting this

I just registered to get this music, and still none of the PDFs work. Only the first line is shown.

It's the piano SOLO from the trailer. There IS only one line. This is not the entire piece.

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YEsh finally.

comment for links!

Hey, if anyone's willing to try this, I'd really like the sheet music to "Reclaimer" from Halo 2 vol. 2. The guitar is there, but the piano in the background is way better, and I'd love to play it... anyone?


nice work

seriously... it is just two lines altogether...

seriously... it is just two lines altogether...

wow, i just want to say this site is amazing great job


hey guys. i got the same problem i don't have a link

Please read the thread. Downloads are for registered users only, not anonymous users.

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Hey does anybody know where i can get the music for the title halo 3 theme....meaning if you let the title screen sit there, there is a piano theme. Any help would be appreciative. If so you can contact me @ mdlnstl@yahoo.com

..you could search unforgotten... thats the name of the song.

where is it


lol nice

sweet pretty awesome


how can u get it

i cant see the link for the music? is it just me?


How can I get the sheet music for Halo? My son wants it.

Susan and WortJenkins:

I've written up a guide on exactly how to get access to the sheet music file area. It shows up now on the top of all the sheet music listings:


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yea i cant see either maybe after this comment i will...


To read this file fully, I need to "enable Add-ons from Adobe." Other than that, the instructions were pretty vague. Anyone mind helping me out?

You just need the free Adobe Reader to open and view .pdf files.

Go to http://www.adobe.com and click the buttons for downloading the free Adobe Reader.

The message about add-ons is because your browser is trying to open the file directly in a window. You don't actually need to do that. Right click on the link and download the document, then open it in Adobe Reader.

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ok, how come there is only one line on both of the PDFs? Yes, even the updated one.

nevermind, just figured out that the piano only plays one line, feel like an idiot.

cannot download wtf no link

I don't see it.....help.

wheres the link to download

I can't see any links!


Incomplete account registration. Email me from the mail address you used at registration.

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thank for the sheet music

I don't see a link!

Here are my problems:

#1: I can't see any link
#2: I can't post any comments (hopefully this one will)

I have done:

#1: Read the guide, so don't give me a link to it.
#2: registered and am logged on.
#3: got the confirmation email.

What am I doing wrong.

This is the 4th comment I've tried to post and none of them (hopefully this one will) showed up.

I also can not see the link, and before you guys give me a link to the "How to Download Music Sheets" thing, here's what I've done. I registered, am logged on, got the confirmation email (days ago), read the guide, and am doing or did all of the instructions. What now?

P.S. rampancy.net should create a simpler system.

i cant even see the link wht the heck????!!!!!

Same problem

Just checking to see if I am registared

nice work

Hm, I dont see a link either

Sorry for this post but I don't see anything?

Does anybody have this on alto sax?

no link?

it only shows 1 line???? strange....

The piano "solo" in the announcement trailer is only one note. That's because the piano only plays one note in that piece.

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