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Movies related to Halo 3.


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i think they should make halo 3 for the normal xbox too. that way us not so rich people can play it. think they will make more money that way

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this goes out to the halo 3 makers you'd be stupid not to put this on normal xbox

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You'd have to gut the game, savagely, to fit Halo 3 into an XBox of the last generation. Processor's way slower, RAMs smaller, DVD's slower, graphics card's weaker... what would be left wouldn't look or play at all like the Halo 3 on the XBox360.

Remember pop-in from Halo 2? Imagine that happening to whole levels. That'd be the best you could hope for.

-- Steve empathises, as consoles ain't cheap, but asking for Halo 3 for the old hardware is like asking for a gallon of water in a shotglass.