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Fat Man (remixed)

This is a transcription of Thomas Barth's remix of Fat Man, a Marathon track. The remixed version is part of the new soundtrack for the AlephOne version of Marathon, named Fat Man2. It is almost impossible to play both hands together, but if you can just learn the right hand by itself it still sounds cool.

Also just ignore the thick repeat double barlines in the middle of the piece -- they should be regular repeat double barlines to mark the different sections of the song, but PrintMusic won't let me do that. I also remind you that it is in the "Blues" key of C, which is why there are a bunch of seemingly random accidentals.

Hope you enjoy it -- have fun!

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Geez. Just listened to it and it was crazy.

Sky's choked with ashes / /, snow's / /deep on the frozen ground. The one horse I've got left is cold and hungry--- heading for the barn, and I can't stop him.
But this winter won't last, darlin'. >> * Not forever
>>(//..... . >And when ne