Halo 3 Tricks, Glitches And Easter Eggs

Here you can restrict your search for Halo 3 Tricks by map.

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Be sure to include a link to a screenshot or saved film from Bungie.net. If you have an actual rendered video, as well, you can submit it as well.

Trick Submitter Datesort descending
First Halo 2 Trick Posted narcogen 11.09.04
Outskirts Carneyhole 1 ZexGX 11.09.04
Exploring The Rooftops Of Old Mombasa Speedy 11.09.04
Fellows Of Infinite Jest narcogen 11.24.04
Scarab Eats Warthog narcogen 12.01.04
Banshee Jacking KingKorn 12.05.04
Phantom Riding KingKorn 12.05.04
Pelican Riding KingKorn 12.05.04
Sword Flying narcogen 12.06.04
Sword Flying narcogen 12.06.04
Minotaur Box Art Found In Foundation narcogen 12.08.04
He Likes To Push The Buttons narcogen 12.14.04
DH cutscene SOG 02.08.05
Wraith Boost Jumping on Headlong jtWEEDs96024 02.14.05
Use Banshee Against Tartarus narcogen 05.26.05