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Phantom Riding

The Metropolis level has a lot of cool stuff in it, but it's also a bit tricky. Get to the middle of the bridge where there is a hole in it that reveals the tunnel below. As soon as you get a checkpoint, get out and kill any passengers riding on your Scorpion, because if you don't they'll probably shoot down the Banshee you need. Kill one of the banshees but leave the other.

Hijack the remaining Banshee, dodge the Phantom's attack and shoot the three guns off. Right about now it'll start fleeing so chase it to the end of the highway. It'll start to lower a Wraith and this gives you a chance to jump out and onto the top of the Phantom. It'll carry you out of the level; the invisible wall won't effect you, as they only appear to affect Banshees.



yo dawgs... you can lunge, like the rocket, using a sword and sniper. scope in on your buddies head with your sniper, then press Y, X, R, really quickly in that order. it takes some practice but it is like the rocket lunge but 10x furthur..! enjoi chimpos

Well at this level when you get to the city when the wraith's glowing blue destructive thing hits you get out of the car quickly then you will start flying into the air then you might land in some neat places youve never been me and my brother tried. (i think you can do it with MP mode well you try i dunt have time right now). copy and paste it!!!