Pelican Riding

Later in Metropolis, Cortana says there some marines in a building who need help; she wants you to go into the building where there is a gunner on the roof and the Scarab is coming straight toward you and shoots a Scorpion. Instead, don't go in; grab a Warthog and go up the second ramp, the one closest to the entrance where some marines are standing. Park it and get on the roof. In a short time , you'll see a Pelican zooming in and stop right above you. Jump up and press Xand you'll board the craft. Note that you will not see any text on the screen that indicates you can press X; just press it anyway. At the end of it's flight, it slams into the ground and does a ton of unpredictable flips that are hard to dodge. Chances are you'll die the first time. For some odd reason, the Pelican sometimes crashes in the water but you will levitate above the surface of the water. It's cool, try it.



it is brilyant.