May 5th Halo 1 and Halo 2 Lan at web2zone

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May 5th Halo 1 and Halo 2 Lan at web2zone

[b][i][u]Event Description:
[b]Lansomnia[/b] is an event held every begin of
the month on Friday. Each event has been a staple of the PC
community for a while. It is time that the console gaming step
up and announce their return to Lan Parties. We are strong
guys and we work hard to make things happen. Web2Zone has
given me ( Alexander Johnathan Strife ) the oppurtunity to
present you gamers with something more then just Tournaments is
something that comes very far and few. With that I am happy to
announce the BIGGEST Lan I have personally ever done.

[b]Friday, May 5, 9:00 PM

[u]Event fee: [/u]
$25.00 per person at the Door
$20.00 per person Pre-Paying

[u]You can Pre-Pay by:[/u]

Registering at

You can Pay Using:

A PayPal Account
A credit card
Paying up to 24 Hours before the event at web2zone

[u]Store Info:
[i]web2zone (Internet Cafe & Video Game Center)
54 Cooper Sq (Cafe Area)
New York , NY 10003
Here is what we will be playing:[/u]

Halo ( yes THE Halo)
Halo 2 ( Complete with gametypes made by me )
Mario Kart Double Dash ( fun time with the mario )
Super Smash Brothers Melee ( wavedash and sheik ownage )
Street Fighter 2 (old school for the old fools)
Street Fighter 3 : 3rd Strike ( Some Yun juggling)
Naruto 4 ( gamecube import)
Dead or Alive 4 ( cant be a lan without the next gen )[/i]

Now my goal for this event is 30 people. I am asking all my
gamer boys and girls to show up and support. We are stronger
as a whole and for things to be really different we need to
really say WE ARE GAMERS and support all events we can.

Throughout the Lan there will be prizes given out throughout
the day. These prizes include Controllers, headsets, gift
cards, and more. Also, Food will be given at midnight in the
form of some pizza.

Everyone I hope to see you there.

Layter Dayz

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