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Halo 2 Clans

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Yeah i know exactly what you

Yeah i know exactly what you mean... people work really hard to raise there caln levels and then you have totally new peeps coming in and ruinging for everybodys hard work
"Death Comes from the Front to the Person Who is to Intent on Watching his Back"
"Death Comes from the Front to the Person Who is to Intent on Watching his Back"

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you crazy
Squad Xtravagant is right up there.
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wah wah wah ...
aw poor old eliteist clanboys . . what's the matter ? getting your arses kicked by n00bs and whining about it ? . . . gawd . . . It makes for a more rounded clan syltee system. Even though the whole clan thing, IMHO sucks.
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Awesome Halo 2 Clan
See more about my Killer Yodas Clan at
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I'm in StK and that bulls**t they dont use standby
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Stk mainevent2005
StK is planing to make a comeback to the leaderbords
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Go here and look around. (its the clan website)
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What's so goo about it?

Or is this the Blue Goo clan I've heard so much about?

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Rampant for over se7en years.


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