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Everyone to deal with modders I believe I have found a method that will at least say "HEy u ugly 50 year old guy who has no life you will not have anyfun at least not on my back..." Please WE HAVE TO STOP CARING ABOUT OUR RANKS!!! They care way too much for there own good they actually have fun by SPawning and killing us right away....

So we may not be able to break theyre rank but at least we can break theyre fun and spirits!!!!

Heres the Plan from now on when you play against modders just quit out of the game please!! DONT LET THEM HAVE THEYRE FUN!!!!!!!!!

By quiting out we will make it so that they cannot have fun after a while they will get bored and then they will Quit out when they get level 50.

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thats genius

yea thats a great idea accept it what modders want is for you to leave so the game ends faster and we get our rank faster. im a modder and im telling you that wont work

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