Art Of War: Art Of Deception Video Strategy Guide

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Art Of War: Art Of Deception Video Strategy Guide

Hey guys i checked up on, and Eisen Feuer has posted the second installment to Halo 2: the Art of War, The Art of Deception. Includes an awsome vid showcasing all the skills that can be obtained from the editorial that are explained through and through on the written guide provided. I highly recommend that you give this a look if your into improving your halo 2 skills.

Oh I also learned about his new blog and I asked him ad he said he'd update it soon, if it hasn't already:

P.S. - Just make sure you download the new Quicktime 7 Public Windows version to see the vid in its awsome quality in H.264 form.

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Hey Northfacebound, thanks for posting it here, almost 3,000 views!
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