ARG or Hoax? Plz help.

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ARG or Hoax? Plz help.

I can't figure out how to work the text formatting of these forums. So if the following doesn't make sense please just visit this link and tell me if this Tru7h guy is a hoax.

Apparently someone posted a link to, a very odd site, on the bungie forums. It had a countdown timer set to April first.

One of the guys from one of my gaming community forums posted about it it:
(I don't know if registration is required to view this thread, sorry.)

One fellow from the forums changed his system clock to the date of the countdown and saw another message:
"The wait is over...Or has it just begun?"

And then an odd new poster arrives, calling himself Tru7h and posts the following:

Coke is for tru7h. This is no April fools joke friends.

~Tru7h, Carnage, Bungie.~


Now this is extremely odd for us as people don't just find their way to our forums. Genereally you find out by word of mouth. If you search Google for links to you do not find links from our forums.

Everyone is like "WTF?" and then Tru7h posts again:

I am pleased to see you begin to wander down the path. As you do, many will attempt to blind you; do not be fooled by this. The tru7h is out there, you must eat the path. You must go on the great journey. Where you end, no one can say.

As to my identity, i feel it necessary to show you my real birth.

Oh, and your Triz had it all wrong.
I have no true identity.

Habe Quiddam>


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The Soffish ( is just an old Bungie inside joke. It's not part of an ARG.

Tru7th is obviously just having you on. He (or she) is throwing around old Marathon references and mimicking the style of the original Cortana Letters.

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