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Getting ' the Fuk outta that 5hit-hole Zinibar

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Skull-Seeker95's picture
Last seen: 11 years 4 months ago
Joined: 02/16/2008 - 09:28
Getting ' the Fuk outta that 5hit-hole Zinibar

Sup all Leg players and No0bs,

This trick will require:
1.Two No0blets
2.1 energy sword

Step 1:
Take ur 2 no0bs and go to those freakin iron basterds (shutters) and pop a cap in da a55 of the first shutter, causing that mofo to fall then take noob 1 and jump his useless a55 and jump it onto the 2nd iron shutter. Then move outta the way so no0b 2 can jump on. After this, no0b 1 jumps on no0b 2 head then qukliy jumps onto the roof. Theres nothing up here but a perfect sniping post and a good view so dont be hoping for grunts having 5ex.

If u find anythin else out about Zinibar, just send me a priv message or reply 2 this.

Skull-Seeker 4 life X(

...Goddam skullz

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Veovis's picture
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Re: Getting ' the Fuk outta that 5hit-hole Zinibar

Your writing is so atrocious I could barely read it and it made me want to gnaw my arm off.

Sky's choked with ashes / /, snow's / /deep on the frozen ground. The one horse I've got left is cold and hungry--- heading for the barn, and I can't stop him.
But this winter won't last, darlin'. >> * Not forever
>>(//..... . >And when ne

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Re: Getting ' the Fuk outta that 5hit-hole Zinibar

1. I think you mean Zanzibar
2. You only need yourself and a grenade
3. grenade jump on to the building
4. learn how to write at least in a way everyone could understand you
5. try to give some tips on halo 3


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