[i]With the Flood successfully repelled from Earth and the war seemingly over, the UNSC found itself with a huge surplus of resources and cash. Seeing an opportunity, they restarted the Spartan II program and forced the enhanced warriors to compete in arena based gladiatorial events. With the ancient events such as Joust, The Eliminator and Powerball in mind, DeathCross was born. Battling through seemingly impossible odds, combatants must drive their ATV through a volatile course of doom and emerge victorious.[/i]

This supercross inspired map has a Perpetual-Death-Making machine that will toss you violently if you don't time your jumps just right. Played with 1 - 8 players for single team action, or 16 players for teams of two. Played with a VIP escort gametype, a second rider with a rocket launcher can cause some extra carnage; though, with the death-machine, there's plenty of carnage to go around.

An Overview

The Starting Grid

The Death Machine

Action Shot: Go, man GO!