Whose face is that????

Like everyone before me has asked-who's that?


And even more so...do I see a face? Assuming that Cortana's mouth and the other black spot are eyes of the other face...is there a second face in this image?


I could assume that Cortana is indeed merging with some other entity. If that face is meant to represent Gravemind, is it because he is a human at the core? Is it that the "monument to all sins" was originally a human being who was consumed by the flood?

Notice that in Halo 2, Gravemind refers to himself as "I". Is it because this one human has the dominant sentience over all the various beings Gravemind has consumed? (That includes Sangheili/Elites. Gravemind's incisors were supposed to be elite skulls, but that was cut out). Further, who is this human/AI/being? Was he a criminal?

What does he represent? Cain, the first murderer? Or is he Satan, a fallen Angel? Is he the voice in whisper in the storm?

We just have to wait for answers. Sigh.



Damn, I must have got the image syntax wrong. Here are the images in question. They come from our own trailer screencaptures.



could it be.......Durandal???

[quote=Requiem]could it be.......Durandal???[/quote]

Except that Bungie has stated unequivocally that Halo and Marathon take place in different universes.

It could be a character designed to fulfill a similar role-- another AI, Forerunner or Covenant-- or perhaps some aspect of Gravemind's personality.

I was reading through Frankie's Halo 3 Q&A and something caught my eye.


SlimJim0045 asks,

Please have Cortana's lines pronounced so that I don't see 36 threads about it.

"I have defied gods and demons."

"I am your shield, I am your SWORD."

"I know you, your past, your future."

"This is the way the world ends."

But there's obviously something terribly wrong…


I noticed how he capitalized SWORD

and I found the Cortana, like Durandal, was named after a sword.

I think Frankie was either trying to tell us something there, or trying to disprove the popular belief that she says "I am your SOURCE"

what does everyone else think?

he capitalized sword because in the game cortana stresses the word "sword" making it longer and slighty louder than the other words in her diolouge

prehapes it is keyes, seeing as his nuroligical interface could up/download info off the pillar, and cortona is a AI of the pillar, u get the idea. or prehaps it is MC, i duno, just like evey one elce.

I saw the exact same thing, albeit in a different picture. It almost looked like Gravemind too.

*checking for where I saw it, about*

Yeah, at about 34 seconds.

It vaguely resembles Gravemind looking from above and front...might be just me, but I'm with you, it does add some measure of creepiness to Cortana's possible infusion with the Gravemind.